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      直接 CentOS な話ではないですが,RHEL 6 向けの EPEL,EPEL 6 が出ていたみた



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The Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) project is happy to
announce the release of EPEL 6 today!

EPEL 6 is a collection of add-on packages available for Red Hat
Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 and other compatible systems, maintained by
the community under the umbrella of the Fedora Project.  EPEL 6 is
designed to supplement RHEL 6 by providing additional functionality
and does not replace any RHEL 6 packages.  As a community project,
EPEL is maintained and supported by volunteers via Bugzilla and
mailing lists.  EPEL is not commercially supported by Red Hat, Inc.

Included are over 2500 source packages that build into over 5600
binary packages.  We are always seeking volunteers eager and willing
to help maintain new packages.  Refer to the URL below to join us!

Some highlights: 

* rt3 - The Request Tracker Bug and Ticket tracking system, as well as
it's 90 perl packages dependencies. 

* trac - Project management system, along with many plugins. 

* haproxy, varnish and lighttpd proxies and web servers. 

* BackupPC, rdiff-backup and other backup clients. 

* A large stack of Ruby packages. 

* Spamassassin plugins, clamav and other mail server and filtering

* rkhunter and chkrootkit security scanners. 

* collectd, munin, nagios and cacti monitoring solutions. 

* Over 600 perl packages. 

* And many more... 

To use EPEL 6:


To Join us, or for more information on the EPEL project: 



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